“One of the most animated, energetic and captivating stand up comedians I’ve ever seen.” -Roger Mathis


MrBikey the Comedian was not always a comic, born Bikeyta Summers in Allentown, P.A. Growing up in South Georgia in his younger years lead him to migrating to the North at fourteen years old. During these drastic changes he acquired a different perspective on life, including never judge a book by it's cover. As the son of a brilliant mother and brutal pimping father, Mrbikeys' views were skewed to think his upbringing would lead him to a life of crime, ridicule and shame: he was right!. He knew his life had more in store so he took his story and turned it into the funniest life stories you could imagine.

After investing in comedy for almost a half of a decade BuyKeyLLc was born< an entertainment company set out on booking the best comedians and music acts around the states. Producing sold out shows with lots of great comics on the bill. His hosting and headlining capabilities over exceeds the regular run of the mill act. Great for private and corporate events! You can contact BuyKeyLLC Entertainment for your upcoming events you will be in for a treat!